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Konnexe- We Are A Community of IT Leaders.

With unparalleled ease and accessibility, Konnexe builds relevant professional communities in a private, trusted environment you won't find on other platforms.

Easily find people you want to meet, share insights, identify prospects and crowdsource solutions.



Konnexe builds communities for our friends in IT and is made up of CIOs, CTOs, VPs of IT, and Directors of IT.

Konnexe Exec is made up of CIOs, CTOs, VPs of IT, and Directors of IT

The Konnexe community puts a trusted network at your fingertips, ready to tap at any time for advice and problem-solving.

    Konnexe increases the impact of virtual networking by enabling members to:

  • instantly gain a network of peers they can trust
  • communicate efficiently and securely
  • share best practices
  • form quality relationships in less time



At Konnexe, our mission is to cater to IT leaders and technologists looking to connect better, faster, and more intentionally.

    We believe in community

    We believe in collaboration

    We believe in connection

Konnexe succeeds where other social networks fail by making it easier than ever to build relationships, share experiences and spark meaningful connections.



The Konnexe community has a combination of in-person content-focused events and a private social network.

The Konnexe social platform is feature-rich, easy to use and targeted to your network of peers, making it more convenient than ever to connect.

Quickly search for people you want to meet based on their company or organization, skills and experience. Share insights, identify prospects and overcome hurdles through features including:

  • peer knowledge sharing
  • private and public group capabilities
  • direct messaging
  • in-depth profiles
  • peer-to-peer discussions

Each Konnexe event is focused on content chosen by our community members. We believe that peer experience sharing and relationship building is the key to successful careers. We live in a world of who you know, so we take pride in connecting you directly with the people you need to meet. Our events include:

  • content-rich discussions
  • hosted by a Konnexe community member
  • relationship building opportunities
  • experience sharing
  • crowdsourcing solutions